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Monday, March 6

9:00am CST

10:45am CST

11:15am CST

1:30pm CST

1:45pm CST

3:15pm CST

4:15pm CST

Tuesday, March 7

9:00am CST

9:15am CST

9:30am CST

10:00am CST

10:15am CST

11:30am CST

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12:00pm CST

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3:45pm CST

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Wednesday, March 8

11:00am CST

Thursday, March 9

10:00am CST

ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: A 'significant partnership': Supporting a new hospital partnership with electronic resource access Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Jennifer Montavon-Green • Jason Griffith ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Hidden Work: Tracking and Assessing Electronic Resources and Tech Services Issues in a Small Academic Library Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Jody Hanshew • Rebecca Grantham ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Keep track of serials holdings changes Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Jia Mi ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Maintaining Administrator Logins: A Two Year Journey and We’re Not Done Yet Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Kaci Resau ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Putting Puzzles Together: Using Asana to Streamline Our ERM Workflow Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Hong Li • Suphitha Mook Phawapoothanon ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Starting an Accessibility Documentation Collection: One Library's Strategy for Gathering and Encouraging Vendor Accessibility Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Jason Folkman • Carmen Jacome ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Streaming Video Management in Academic Libraries Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Cathy Austin ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Streamlining Streaming Video: Centralized Workflows with Trello Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Danielle Adamowitz • Jesse Flavin • Lia Chaleva ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: The Task at hand: Using the Alma Electronic Resource Activation Task List to manage ERM workflows. Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Laurel Baker ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Transferred Journals 2.0: Further Adaptions of a Library Workflow Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Christine Davidian • Jennifer K Matthews ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Wait, Didn't We Pay for That? Taking Control of Your E-Resource Entitlements Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Elisa Nascimento • Michael Fernandez

1:30pm CST

ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Liaising through Numbers: Implementing a Transparent and Sustainable E-resource Assessment Plan Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Taylor Ralph ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: A campfire story: eResources management as a team Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Jaclyn McLean ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Intentional Onboarding: Perspectives from a New Middle Manager Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Sherise Kimura ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: The Electronic Resources Librarian Survival Backpack: Tools for Librarians New to Navigating the E-Resources Management Wilderness Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Eve Stano • Holly Miller • Kirstie Genzel ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Licenses as Liaison: Reviewing Licenses as a Service Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Breezy Silver ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Working Together to Improve the Journal Renewal Workflow Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Anne Campbell • Dennis Bridges • Karen Spence • Marcia Masters • Noam Fass ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Discovery in Context: Discovery Presentation on ARL library websites Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Stacie Traill ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Marketing the LibKey Suite: Our Trail to Creating Sustainable Marketing Techniques Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Robyn Gleasner • Laura Hall • Moses Moya ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Maximizing Library Visibility and Information Access on the Open Web Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Nancy Lin • Danielle Bromelia • Gary F. Daught • Jill Jones ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Ultra-lite or Glamping? A Comparative Analysis of e-Journal Platform “Amenities” Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Gabrielle Wiersma • Esta Tovstiadi, (they/them) • Natalia Tingle Dolan