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Lauren Corbett

Wake Forest University
Director of Resource Services
Winston-Salem, NC

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I'm in charge of Collection Management and Technical Services combined. We've only been on Alma/Primo VE a couple of years (coming from Voyager) and are still figuring out how to manage e-resources by using the system as much as possible. I've recently been learning to do more on a front line level during our e-resources librarian vacancy. Wisdom from others is welcome!
Monday, March 6

9:00am CST

10:15am CST

10:30am CST

10:45am CST

11:15am CST

1:30pm CST

1:45pm CST

2:00pm CST

3:15pm CST

4:15pm CST

Tuesday, March 7

9:00am CST

9:15am CST

9:30am CST

10:00am CST

11:30am CST

11:45am CST

12:00pm CST

1:30pm CST

2:15pm CST

3:45pm CST

4:45pm CST

5:15pm CST

Wednesday, March 8

9:00am CST

10:00am CST

Thursday, March 9

10:00am CST

ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: A 'significant partnership': Supporting a new hospital partnership with electronic resource access Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Jennifer Montavon-Green • Jason Griffith ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Keep track of serials holdings changes Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Jia Mi ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Maintaining Administrator Logins: A Two Year Journey and We’re Not Done Yet Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Kaci Resau ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Migration Wins and Woes Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Christin Collins ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Putting Puzzles Together: Using Asana to Streamline Our ERM Workflow Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Hong Li • Suphitha Mook Phawapoothanon ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Starting an Accessibility Documentation Collection: One Library's Strategy for Gathering and Encouraging Vendor Accessibility Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Jason Folkman • Carmen Jacome ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Streaming Video Management in Academic Libraries Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Cathy Austin ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Streamlining Streaming Video: Centralized Workflows with Trello Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Danielle Adamowitz • Jesse Flavin • Lia Chaleva ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: The Task at hand: Using the Alma Electronic Resource Activation Task List to manage ERM workflows. Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Laurel Baker ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Transferred Journals 2.0: Further Adaptions of a Library Workflow Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Christine Davidian • Jennifer K Matthews ONLINE ATTENDED Q&A: Wait, Didn't We Pay for That? Taking Control of Your E-Resource Entitlements Virtual Attended Q&A (Pheedloop Platform)Elisa Nascimento • Michael Fernandez

1:30pm CST