SUNDAY: In-Person Only
THURSDAY: Online Only (Q&A for On-Demand Presentations)

>> PheedLoop Virtual Event Platform (Available March 3) – The online conference will be hosted on the PheedLoop Virtual Event Platform. A username and password will be emailed by March 3.
>> SCHED (This website) – Attendees may view the program and build a personal schedule for in-person attendance. All times listed on Sched are in Central Time (local Austin time zone)


Danielle Adamowitz

Villanova University
Metrics & Assessment Librarian

Andrew Allen

Oxford University Press
Senior Marketing Manager

Cori Lynn Arnold

Washington College
Electronic Resources Librarian

Cathy Austin

Mississippi State University
Coordinator of Acquisitions & Coll. Development
avatar for Donna Bacon

Donna Bacon

Executive Director
avatar for Laurel Baker

Laurel Baker

University of Nevada, Reno
Specialist, Library Discovery and E-Resources

Muneer Abu Baker

Zayed University, Dubai
avatar for Charlie Barlow

Charlie Barlow

Boston Library Consortium
Executive Director
avatar for Kendall Bartsch

Kendall Bartsch

Third Iron
avatar for Joshua Been

Joshua Been

Baylor University
Director of Data & Digital Scholarship

Mary Jean Bernabe

Zayed University, Dubai
avatar for Beth Bernhardt

Beth Bernhardt

Oxford University Press
Consortia Account Manager
avatar for Anjana H Bhatt

Anjana H Bhatt

Florida Gulf Coast University
Electronic Resources Librarian

Alison Bradley

Partnership for Academic Library Collaboration and Innovation
Director of Strategic Initiatives
avatar for Dennis Bridges

Dennis Bridges

EBSCO Information Services
Senior Product Owner
avatar for Danielle Bromelia

Danielle Bromelia

Product Manager
avatar for Katherine Brooks

Katherine Brooks

Columbia University
Collection Analysis Librarian
avatar for Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Clemson University
Ph.D. Student

Elizabeth Budd

Main Library, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Graduate Assistant
avatar for Meghan Burke

Meghan Burke

Queen's University
Metadata/Discovery Librarian
avatar for Erin Calhoun

Erin Calhoun

University of Toronto Libraries
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Anne Campbell

Anne Campbell

Library Automation Manager
avatar for Colleen Campbell

Colleen Campbell

Max Planck Digital Library
Strategic Advisor
avatar for Emily Carlisle-Johnston

Emily Carlisle-Johnston

Western University
Research & Scholarly Communication Librarian
avatar for Sunshine Carter

Sunshine Carter

University of Minnesota Libraries
Director, Collection Strategy & eRes Management
avatar for Samuel Cassady

Samuel Cassady

Western University
Head, Collections and Content Strategies
avatar for Lia Chaleva

Lia Chaleva

Villanova University
Acquisitions and Licensing Librarian
avatar for Selena Chau

Selena Chau

University of California, Santa Barbara
UCSB Library
avatar for Noah Churchill-Baird

Noah Churchill-Baird

Western University
Research & Scholarly Communication Co-op
avatar for Pam Cipkowski

Pam Cipkowski

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Collection Development Librarian
avatar for Jessica Clemons, MLS

Jessica Clemons, MLS

Technology from Sage
Director of Development, North America

Christin Collins

Kennesaw State University
Resource Management and Discovery Librarian

Christy Urquieta Cortes

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Electronic Resources Librarian

Julia Curtis

University of Utah, Health Services Center
avatar for Gary F. Daught

Gary F. Daught

Milligan University
Director of Libraries
avatar for Christine Davidian

Christine Davidian

Rowan University
Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian
avatar for Kelly Denzer

Kelly Denzer

Davidson College
Collections Strategist and Discovery Librarian
avatar for Ádám Dér

Ádám Dér

Max Planck Digital Library
Head, Scientific Information Provision

Sidonie Devarenne

Western Washington University
Collection Management and Assessment Librarian
avatar for Natalia Tingle Dolan

Natalia Tingle Dolan

University of Colorado Boulder
Business Librarian
avatar for Brianne Dosch

Brianne Dosch

University of Tennessee Libraries
Social Sciences Data Librarian

Megan Drake

Academia Sales Group Director
avatar for Daniela Duca

Daniela Duca

SAGE Publishing
Head of Product Innovation
avatar for James Edwards

James Edwards

Business development manager
avatar for Martin Paul Eve

Martin Paul Eve

Birkbeck, University of London & COPIM
Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing
avatar for Noam Fass

Noam Fass

Ex Libris (Clarivate)
Product Manager
avatar for John Felts

John Felts

Coastal Carolina University
Head of Information Technology and Collections

Michael Fernandez

Yale University
Electronic Resources Acquisition Librarian
avatar for Jesse Flavin

Jesse Flavin

Villanova University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Rachel Fleming-May

Rachel Fleming-May

School of Information Sciences, The University of Tennessee
Associate Professor
avatar for Jason Folkman

Jason Folkman

Utah State University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Kathi Fountain

Kathi Fountain

Oxford University Press
Regional Sales Manager, West
avatar for Andrew French

Andrew French

VP Product
avatar for Richard French

Richard French

Product Manager

Richard French

Product Manager
avatar for Amy Fry

Amy Fry

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Electronic Resources Management Librarian
avatar for Courtney Fuson

Courtney Fuson

Belmont University
Asset Management Librarian
avatar for Kalvin Van Gaasbeck

Kalvin Van Gaasbeck

Santa Clara University
Head of Electronic Resources & Serials
avatar for Ambra Gagliardi

Ambra Gagliardi

University of Utah
Collection Development Librarian

Julie Gaida

University of Iowa Libraries
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Teri Gallaway

Teri Gallaway

Executive Director
avatar for Scarlet Galvan

Scarlet Galvan

Grand Valley State University
Collection Strategist

Lynn E. Gates

Kraemer Family Library
Director of Collections and Content
avatar for Kirstie Genzel

Kirstie Genzel

California State University, Los Angeles
Electronic Resources and Digital Publishing Librarian

Lindsay Gibb

University of Toronto Scarborough
Collection Development Librarian

Robyn Gleasner

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Library
Resource Management Librarian
avatar for Christine Gomola

Christine Gomola

UNC Highway Safety Research Center
avatar for Elyssa Gould

Elyssa Gould

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Head, Acquisitions & Continuing Resources
avatar for Gretchen Gould

Gretchen Gould

University of Northern Iowa
Resource Management Unit Coordinator and CSL

Rebecca Grantham

Emory & Henry College
Technical Services Librarian
avatar for David W. Green

David W. Green

State Library of Ohio
Library Systems Analyst

Jason Griffith

University of Kentucky
Systems Librarian
avatar for Jill Grogg

Jill Grogg

Senior Strategist
avatar for Sarah Guy

Sarah Guy

Appalachian State University
E-Resources Librarian
avatar for Cody Hackett

Cody Hackett

Kansas State University
Electronic Resources Librarian

Laura Hall

University of New Mexico
Division Head, Resources, Archives and Discovery
avatar for Don Hamparian

Don Hamparian

Senior Product Manager | End User - Discovery
avatar for Jody Hanshew

Jody Hanshew

Emory & Henry College
Systems and Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Amy Harris

Amy Harris

MIT Press
Senior Manager, Library Partnerships & Sales

Elinor Hawkes

Oxford University Press
Product Owner

Matthew Hawkes

The University of East Anglia
Academic Librarian
avatar for David Hellman

David Hellman

San Francisco State University
Collection Development Coordinator
avatar for Louise Hemmings

Louise Hemmings

Editorial Director

Shawn Hendrikx

Western University
Collections & Content Strategies Librarian
avatar for Kira Heske

Kira Heske

University of Arizona Global Campus
Senior Manager, Learning Support
avatar for Bruce Heterick

Bruce Heterick

SVP, Open Collections & Infrastructure

Kate Hill

Library Service Engineer
avatar for Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Professor/Coordinator for Research and Teaching Professional...
avatar for Yael Hod

Yael Hod

Stanford Libraries
E-Resources Metadata Analyst and Project Librarian
avatar for Jesse Holden

Jesse Holden

Orbis Cascade Alliance
Program Manager for Shared Content
avatar for Christopher Holly

Christopher Holly

Director of SaaS Innovation
avatar for Daniel Horvath

Daniel Horvath

Technology from SAGE
Product Director
avatar for Patricia Hudson

Patricia Hudson

Oxford University Press
Head of Library Marketing
avatar for Bryan Hull

Bryan Hull

Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah
Program Manager, Digital Publishing
avatar for Matthew J. Jabaily

Matthew J. Jabaily

Kraemer Family Library
Asst Prof/Electronic Serials

Carmen Jacome

Utah State University
Electronic Resources Assistant
avatar for Mary Ann James

Mary Ann James

Marriott Library, University of Utah
Electronic Resources Manager
avatar for Mariana Jardim

Mariana Jardim

University of Toronto Scarborough Campus
Liaison Librarian, Management/Economics, Entrepreneurship & Co-op
avatar for Heather Jeffcoat

Heather Jeffcoat

Georgia Tech Library
Web & Discovery Management Librarian
avatar for Allen Jones

Allen Jones

The New School Libraries
Director of Digital Libraries & Technical Services
avatar for Jill Jones

Jill Jones

Senior Product Manager | End User - Discovery
avatar for Anna Jones, MLIS

Anna Jones, MLIS

Senior Program Manager | Community Relations
avatar for Dr. Lionel P. Robert Jr.

Dr. Lionel P. Robert Jr.

University of Michigan School of Information
Professor of Information and Associate Dean for Faculty Development...
avatar for Arta Kabashi

Arta Kabashi

Digital Science
Sr. Product Solutions Manager
avatar for Joe Karaganis

Joe Karaganis

avatar for John Kimbrough

John Kimbrough

Georgetown University Library
Electronic Resource Librarian
avatar for Sherise Kimura

Sherise Kimura

University of San Francisco
Head of Electronic Resources & Systems
avatar for Nathaniel King

Nathaniel King

Nevada State College
Dean of the Library
avatar for Jesse Koennecke

Jesse Koennecke

Cornell University
Director, Acquisitions & E-Resource Licensing
avatar for Jessica Kowalski

Jessica Kowalski

Senior Quartex Sales Manager North America
avatar for Ben Lacey

Ben Lacey

Head of Engagement
avatar for Nettie Lagace

Nettie Lagace

NISO - National Information Standards Organization
Associate Executive Director

Amy Laurent

Cambridge University Press & Assessment
avatar for Keith Layson

Keith Layson

Annual Reviews
Manager, Sales, Partnerships, & Initiatives
avatar for John Lenahan

John Lenahan

VP, Published Content
avatar for Kirsten Leonard

Kirsten Leonard

Executive Director
avatar for Michael Levine-Clark

Michael Levine-Clark

University of Denver
Dean of Libraries

Hong Li

Towson University
Electronic Resources and Discovery Librarian

Nancy Lin

Sr. Data Projects Strategist
avatar for Tim Lloyd

Tim Lloyd

avatar for Andrea Lopez

Andrea Lopez

Annual Reviews
Director of Sales, Partnerships, & Initiatives
avatar for Kelly Lutz

Kelly Lutz

Nevada State College
Systems Librarian
avatar for Katharine V. Macy

Katharine V. Macy

Collection Assessment Librarian
avatar for Boaz Nadav Manes

Boaz Nadav Manes

Lehigh University
University Librarian
avatar for Kathie Mason

Kathie Mason

Eastern Michigan University
Collections Librarian
avatar for Marcia Masters

Marcia Masters

Grand Valley State University
Acquisitions & eResources Librarian
avatar for Jennifer K Matthews

Jennifer K Matthews

Rowan University
Collection Strategy Librarian
avatar for Courtney McAllister

Courtney McAllister

Solution Architect
avatar for John McDonald

John McDonald

Principal Product Manager
avatar for Grace McGann

Grace McGann

Associate Product Manager

Kelly Mckeever

NIWC Pacific
Technical Librarian
avatar for Andrew Mckenna-Foster

Andrew Mckenna-Foster

Product Specialist
avatar for Jaclyn McLean

Jaclyn McLean

University of Saskatchewan
Electronic Resources Librarian

Jia Mi

The College of New Jersey
Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian
avatar for Holly Miller

Holly Miller

University of Southern Miss Libraries
Electronic Resources Librarian

Jennifer Montavon-Green

Electronic Resources and Reference Librarian
avatar for Anu Moorthy

Anu Moorthy

Georgia Institute of Technology
Electronic Resources Librarian

Moses Moya

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Library
Metadata Specialist
avatar for Nikesh Narayanan

Nikesh Narayanan

Zayed University
Asst. Professor (Information Technology Librarian)
avatar for Elisa Nascimento

Elisa Nascimento

Yale University Library
E-Content Management Librarian
avatar for Becca Neel

Becca Neel

University of Southern Indiana
Assistant Director for Resource Management & UX

Michelle Ng

Ontario Colleges Library Service (OCLS)
eResources Services & Support Associate
avatar for Josh Nicholson

Josh Nicholson

co-founder and CEO
avatar for Andy Nobes

Andy Nobes

avatar for Angie Ohler

Angie Ohler

University of Minnesota
AUL for Collections and Content Strategy

Reba Ouimet

BC Electronic Library Network
Licensing Librarian

Christopher Palazzolo

Emory University, Woodruff Library
Head of Collections, Emory University
avatar for Russell Palmer

Russell Palmer

Assistant Director
avatar for Jennifer L. Pate

Jennifer L. Pate

University of North Alabama
OER and Scholarly Communications Librarian
avatar for Alice Pearman

Alice Pearman

Plymouth State University
Collection Management Librarian

Suphitha Mook Phawapoothanon

Towson University
Library Associate
avatar for Antonia Pop

Antonia Pop

University of Toronto Press
Vice President of Publishing

Michael Proffitt

Oxford University Press
Chief Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary

Jen Provorse

University of Iowa Libraries
Interim Director, Acquisitions

Lois Quail

Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
Manager, Library & Archives
avatar for Wendy Queen

Wendy Queen

Johns Hopkins University (Press)
avatar for Matthew Ragucci

Matthew Ragucci

Associate Product Marketing Director
avatar for Taylor Ralph

Taylor Ralph

Oregon State University
Collection Assessment Librarian

Ben Rawlins

University of Kentucky
Associate Dean

Barbara Renner

University of Chapel Hill
Liaison Librarian

Kaci Resau

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Electronic Resources Manager
avatar for Talia Resendes

Talia Resendes

VP of Marketing
avatar for Sean Rife

Sean Rife

Scite, Inc.
co-founder and Chief Research Officer
avatar for Simon Robins

Simon Robins

University of Dayton
Coordinator of Electronic Resources & Discovery
avatar for Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez

Senior Strategist, Content and Scholarly Communication Initiatives
avatar for Joanne Romano

Joanne Romano

Texas Medical Center Library
Head of Resource Management/Discovery Services
avatar for Steve Roses

Steve Roses

Director of Sales
avatar for Patrick Roth

Patrick Roth

Grand Valley State University
Department Head, Systems and Discovery
avatar for Angélique Roy

Angélique Roy

Queen's University
Health Sciences Librarian
avatar for Megan M. Ruenz

Megan M. Ruenz

Wheaton College
E-Resources Librarian
avatar for Seth Russell

Seth Russell

Taylor & Francis
Open Research Business Development Manager
avatar for Richard Saladino

Richard Saladino

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)
Art, Architecture & Design Librarian
avatar for Zorian Sasyk

Zorian Sasyk

EBSCO Information Services
FOLIO Implementation Consultant
avatar for Melanie Schaffner

Melanie Schaffner

Project MUSE
Director of Sales & Marketing
avatar for Kate Seago

Kate Seago

University of Kentucky Libraries
Director of Acquisitions
avatar for Carol Seiler

Carol Seiler

EBSCO Information Services
Account Services Manager
avatar for Steve Shadle

Steve Shadle

University of Washington Libraries
Head, Serials Cataloging
avatar for Sandra Shaw

Sandra Shaw

University of Toronto Press
Editorial and Production Manager
avatar for John Sherer

John Sherer

Univ of North Carolina Press
avatar for Breezy Silver

Breezy Silver

Michigan State University
Interim Director and Collections Coordinator, Gast Business Library
avatar for Carmin Smoot

Carmin Smoot

University of Utah
Digital Publishing Coordinator
avatar for Karen Spence

Karen Spence

University of Washington Libraries
Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Laura Spradlin

Laura Spradlin

Illinois Wesleyan University
Electronic Resources & Systems Librarian
avatar for Heather Staines

Heather Staines

Delta Think
Senior Consultant
avatar for Eve Stano

Eve Stano

Ball State University
Collections Dev. & Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Sara Tarpley

Sara Tarpley

Director Academic Engagement
avatar for Lisa  Martincik  [she / they]

Lisa Martincik [she / they]

University of Iowa Libraries
Electronic Resources Librarian

Alan Thomas

Bangor University
Teaching & Learning Support Manager

J. Michael Thompson

Baylor University
Director, Collection Dev. & Delivery Srvcs.
avatar for Katie Thonen

Katie Thonen

St. Mary's University
Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian

Amy Thurlow

Director, SaaS Sales
avatar for Joel Tonyan

Joel Tonyan

University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Director of User Services
avatar for Esta Tovstiadi, (they/them)

Esta Tovstiadi, (they/them)

SUNY Library Services
Shared Collections Coordinator
avatar for Daniel G. Tracy

Daniel G. Tracy

University of Illinois Library
Head, Scholarly Communication and Publishing
avatar for Stacie Traill

Stacie Traill

University of Minnesota Libraries
Discovery and Metadata Systems Lead
avatar for Nicole Trujillo

Nicole Trujillo

University of Colorado Boulder
Access & Discovery Librarian
avatar for Cory Tucker

Cory Tucker

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Head, Collections, ILL & Acquisitions
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